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Dr. Danielle Dixson is an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware. As a kid from Minnesota, Danielle was only by the ocean when her family went on vacation to visit her grandparents in Florida.

Danielle decided she wanted to be a marine biologist after a trip to the aquarium when she was 5 years old. While there, Danielle asked a question to the guide and was given a book on whales. From that point on she kept asking questions and decided on her future career…

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Children's books make science accessible
UD Assistant Professor Danielle Dixson has taken her scientific research and turned it into an accessible form for children to learn more about marine life through her Sea Stories book series. Photo by Maddy Lauria

Danielle Dixson started asking questions about whales when she was 5 years old. A Chicago tour guide’s encouragement ignited an ongoing curiosity that has taken her around the world, diving for answers among sharks, fish, corals and other ocean creatures.


Simplifying science: UDel students create children’s books from research

Science can be complicated, and often difficult to explain, especially to kids. Delaware Public Media’s Katie Peikes recently visited the UD’s Morris Library to watch librarians read some of the books to their target audience.

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